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Supporting our Guardian™ Partners
Guardian™ polymer banknotes represent the cutting edge of currency technology and are renowned for sophisticated security through the integration of substrate, print and non-print features. Constructed from a clear core layer, Guardian™ substrate adds a third dimension to the design of banknotes, thereby setting new standards of complexity and possibilities for the integration of advanced security features.
CCL Secure recognises that providing an advanced banknote technology is only half of the solution. That is why PolyTeQ was initially formed as a technical services division, to assist central banks and security printers in the seamless transition from paper to polymer banknotes. As the polymer banknote technology is maturing we are now entering into the next stage with early adopters issuing their second Guardian™ banknote series. To support these new requirements, PolyTeQ’s role continues to expand and now covers third party feature integration on Guardian™ banknotes and facilitating continuous improvement and innovation initiatives across the cash cycle.
Based on the experience from more than 60 billion banknotes issued on Guardian™ substrate by the end of 2018 in close to 40 countries worldwide, PolyTeQ provides specialised expert advice to issuers, printers, designers, cash handlers, equipment and technology suppliers, and other contributors involved in the Guardian™ polymer chain. We offer a comprehensive technology education and skills transfer program for central banks and security printers, targeting a reduced learning curve and quicker return on investment for our customers.
PolyTeQ is a division of CCL Secure, the supplier of Guardian™