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CCL Secure

CCL Secure is the global expert in polymer banknote substrate.

CCL Secure’s sites in Australia, Mexico and England are solely focused on developing this technology, with dedicated Research and Development (R&D) facilities, best-of-class production lines and a specialised, highly experienced polymer substrate design and concept team.

Since the first polymer banknote was issued in 1988, the Guardian™ technology has been issued on more than 140 denominations and commemorative banknotes around the world.

Compared to traditional cotton-paper and so-called long life coated-paper notes, Guardian™ is at least 10 times more secure, 75 per cent cleaner, three to five times more durable and up to 60 per cent more eco-friendly.

Banknote Corporation of America (BCA) is a division of CCL Secure and the largest US-based high-security printer. From secured document origination, identification, tax stamps, secured polymers and labels to personalisation and distribution, BCA collaborates closely with governments, clients and technology providers to create innovative and secure products.

Guardian™ Training

Central banks and commercial banks use a variety of secure packaging methods to store and transport banknotes. It is important that due care is exercised when opening these packages, as damage can be caused to the banknotes within.

PolyTeQ is now offering an online training module on best-practice handling of Guardian™ polymer banknotes.

Innovia Films

Innovia Films' 45+ years of manufacturing unique BOPP films ensures they are the supplier of choice for many converters, brand owners and end-users across the world. Service and support, alongside product quality is a priority. The strong network of commercial offices, agents and distributors globally support sales into 100+ countries worldwide, ensuring a high level of customer responsiveness.

Innovia Films’ high security Clarity™C base film is manufactured and supplied exclusively for banknotes.

CCL Industries

CCL Industries is the world’s largest specialty label business which employs more than 20,000 people and operates from over 150 production facilities across 35 countries on six continents. Divisions include CCL Label, CCL Container, CCL Secure, Avery and CheckPoint. The organisation has more than 65 years’ experience delivering exceptional quality and service, while bringing new and innovative products to the market.