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Technology Suppliers

Guardian™ substrate was developed as an alternative to banknote security paper which can still be processed with standard printing equipment. Nevertheless, due to its differing physical properties, minor equipment modifications are typically required to achieve maximum output efficiency with Guardian™. Regarding materials input, e.g. inks or varnishes, the use of products tailored for Guardian™ is beneficial in comparison to products developed for paper.

The basic knowhow on equipment and materials input for Guardian™ was built up during the development and introduction of polymer banknotes in the late 1980s and 90s. This knowhow was subsequently summarised and made available by PolyTeQ through the Technology Transfer processes and is today used by issuers and security printers throughout the industry.

With the adoption of Guardian™ by more and more central banks, to improve efficiencies in the polymer chain, and to stay ahead of counterfeiters, there is now a growing demand in the industry for new materials, security features, processes and equipment to complement these existing testimonials.

Within its Guardian™ Platform Program (GPP) PolyTeQ offers to technology suppliers a range of standardised procedures which can be tailored to any project. The goal of the GPP is to further develop Guardian™ into a universal security platform and to:

  • Ensure that the new materials input and equipment meet customer expectations with regard to durability and process efficiency;
  • Facilitate the introduction of new materials input and equipment, e.g. applied security features or production equipment, at customers by advancing their development so they can be considered for new series;
  • Encourage innovation on Guardian™ substrate; and
  • Offer more choice with security features, materials input and equipment to issuers, designers and security printers.